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Give Yourself to the Savior

Chariot RacingChariot races

Chariot RacingWe conclude our look at the story of Jesus’ birth today with the arrival of Wise Men from the East. Matthew’s Gospel records Magi coming to worship Jesus. Matthew doesn’t say they were kings, nor does the Gospel name three as their number. But we are told that they saw a star, and followed it to Bethlehem. There they found Mary, Joseph and Jesus and gave gifts of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh. The Magi may or may not have been kings. They were certainly astronomers and probably from Persia.

Victoria in costumeGod used the Magi to show King Herod that the prophecies about a Savior had come true. And then the Magi showed they were wise by worshipping Jesus. As we end our Kids in the Kingdom Week, the challenge for us to is to move from knowing about Jesus to knowing him and worshipping him.

Today's handout is online at Bethlehem Star: Friday.

Chase wanted to be photographed with Griffin and Kalyn

Abi makes tea cakes

Chariot racing

Chariot racingEven more chariot racing



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